How to BG App

Go to

Click the share icon

Share Icon might be in top right corner when using Chrome or other browsers.

Scroll down and click “add to homescreen“.

Login with your school account

To sign up for events/activities you need to login with your school account. Click the login button and use the following information:

Password: Personal password

How to create an activity in the BG App

In the menu click “Activities” then select “Create activity”.

Under details fill in all the information including a picture.

Add multiple dates with duration and location.

Add event owners.

When all the required information is filled in the “Send for approval” button will activate. When you click the button your event will be sent for approval by the admins. You will receive a notification in the app when your event has been approved.

Other students are now able to sign up for your event.

Signing up for an event is done by clicking on the event and clicking the sign up button.